There are many online programs which give interest rate at 1 to 15 % daily .


My strategy :

I believe in the phrase ‘early bird catches the fire’. So, get  in fast and come out with flying colors; here i will update some newly launched sites daily which will give you a platform to earn as well . Please follow me


Find my investment


HEXTRA COIN : Same like bitconnect and regal , we can expect 10 times return minimum like regal


Electroneum: promising white paper



1 to 2 % daily return site with minimal risk :   


It’s a great opportunity who are looking for same platform like bitconnect. It’s in initial state  so just take this opportunity and get good interest rate , locking period is only for 99 days.


Bitconnect :

This is one of the best programs running more than 1 year. Giving up to 40% interest monthly, it gives reinvest option to the users.  My 40 % investment in bitconnect. minimum investment $100. The capital can be released as per investment amount.

status : paying

Join my bitconnect team and learn the best stretegy. Remember sponsor I’d   pandadb .


Click for details


Genesis-Mining :

Trustworthy site for cloud mining. It has been successfully making their business for more than a year.  My 20 % investment is there in genesis.

Site link :

Promo Code: qLONnR , 3% discount at time of check out.

status : paying

This is purely legit site, you can buy hash power from here with full trust.


Chain group: Its like mutual fund , provides escrow service . Basically you need to load money to their account and then choose third party fund . If this third party got bankrupt your principal will be paid by chain group. I have withdraw  daily profit. As per me it’s just awesome.



I update this page on daily basis , so keep visit for latest update and stretegy .

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Happy Investing.

Please comment or send me mail to

Disclaimer : Invest based on your risk appetite, as these are quite risky products and I dont want to be held responsible for any kind of loss .






22 thoughts on “Bitcoin-Earning-Site

  1. hello mr panda

    where are you from? I am from bhubaneswar, working online. I want to invest btc in some trusted & legit site, which has no risk. plz suggest.


      1. Shortly, I am going to invest Rs.30,000/- in bitconnect. But, right now, bitconnect is crashed. what to do?????

        Can u tell me what will be final returned amount after 300 days by compounding of initial deposit of $100??


      2. your control finance link is not working. I am going to create a/c in both bitconnect & control finance under u, for only investment purpose.

        Is there any issue, If i don’t give any referral??


  2. hey Bhismadeb I have used your referral in genisis, I want to ask after how many days will it start to show me the return I earned?

    I have also got one site “” where I have invested if you want to invest in this please use my referral “”.
    I am also planning to invest in chain group what is your suggestion shall I go ahead?


    1. Hey , thanks after 24 hours your payment will start , bitpette is good only , if I invest definitely use your link , but my favourite bitconnect only legit site . Invest in bitconnect through my link I will return 3 % immediately. All the best .


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