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  1. ucoincash :
  2. unix coin :
  3. sfi coin :
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There are many online programs which give interest rate at 1 to 15 % daily .


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HEXTRA COIN : Same like bitconnect and regal , we can expect 10 times return minimum like regal


Electroneum: promising white paper



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It’s a great opportunity who are looking for same platform like bitconnect. It’s in initial state  so just take this opportunity and get good interest rate , locking period is only for 99 days.


Bitconnect :

This is one of the best programs running more than 1 year. Giving up to 40% interest monthly, it gives reinvest option to the users.  My 40 % investment in bitconnect. minimum investment $100. The capital can be released as per investment amount.

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Genesis-Mining :

Trustworthy site for cloud mining. It has been successfully making their business for more than a year.  My 20 % investment is there in genesis.

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Chain group: Its like mutual fund , provides escrow service . Basically you need to load money to their account and then choose third party fund . If this third party got bankrupt your principal will be paid by chain group. I have withdraw  daily profit. As per me it’s just awesome.



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Disclaimer : Invest based on your risk appetite, as these are quite risky products and I dont want to be held responsible for any kind of loss .






Boost up Your Finance through Bitcoin Lending

Grow your finance rapidly through bitcoin lending:

Guys I would like to tell you today how to grow your finance rapidly.

After conducting a lot of research and going through a number of reviews, I found a site which gives an average of more than 1% return on daily basis.

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May be some of you have heard the company name Bitconnect.


How it works: You need to deposit your bitcoin (minimum 100$) . then you need to convert them into their own coin bitconnect coins(bcc), then lend your coin to their system .

They basically use your money to trade bitcoin through their bot software , and share the gain with you on daily basis.

Now how much you can invest:


Step to invest:



  • Sign up by the link
  • On the right corner, you will find the bitcoin wallet , click on that and your bitcoin address will be generated; copy the address and transfer from you bitcoin wallet. After quite a few steps confirming your action, your bitcoin will be deposit there.
  • Then go to the exchange button and buy bitcconnect coin(bcc)
  • Then, go to dashboard and lend your coin ,  it will then be converted into dollar.
  • Yes, that’s it! By the next day, you will see the interest credited to your lending wallet
  • Now you can reinvest (to get compound interest) or withdraw on daily or weekly basis.


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crypto coin cloud mining

Mining is less risky and more profitable business. I will advise you guys to mine crypto currency with Coins with less complexity and get highly rewarded accordingly.

Some coins which can give you better profit  :

  • Steem
  • Zeta coin
  • Dash
  • Lite coin
  • Doge coin.

It’s not possible for everyone to buy GPU and in a country like India where electricity is accessed through huge cost, cloud mining is always a good option.

Cloud mining basically takes the GPU as a rent with low cost since they are based on iceland.

Today you can see lots of pop up about cloud peeping up down the screen; but don’t fall in such trap that is giving more hash power at less price.

I will tell you about a reputed company called Genesis-Mining (GM). I have been dealing with genesis mining for last 4 months and I’m quite happy about their daily payout.

When you are into mining, you can avail a number of benefits, as you no more have to watchdog the crypto market on hourly basis, for there is always an option of solid return irrespective of the kind of market are dealing with.

Now follow these steps to buy hash power

  • Except for steem coin, buy the open ended bit coin mining hash power.
  • You can buy through credit card or pay through crypto currency like BTC , DASH etc
  • Once paid, they will allocate hash power as per your payment.
  • For Steem mining, you need to buy 2 years contract of Ether(ETH).
  • Once your hash power is assigned , you can go to mining allocation and change according to your wish

After 24 hours, your payout will start on daily basis .

Please use my code to get 3 % discount instantly. Once used, send me your code in the comment section which I will use later for my hash power upgradation .

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Crypto currency Crash–: save your principal

This article intends to save your principal  and the profit  that you have already earned  .

Now, everyone might be aware of the rumours and news that have been doing rounds for quite a few days.Crypto currency has already crashed about 40-60 percent. Now the question remains, what should you do to save your principal or minimize the loss?

The sentiment is down due to segwit2x activation dilemma; hope you all are aware about this.

Try to follow the below mentioned guidelines to minimize your loss to a considerable extent-

  • Sell all your crypto and switch to fiat currency like Euro, Pound, USD, INR etc.
  • Don’t do trade till 8th august
  • Bitcoin can crash up to 1500 USD, as it already  broke the major support   USD 2000; so, start  investing  after everything is settled down.
  • Don’t trade on Alt Coin too until everything is settled.
  • You may notice sudden rise at times, but don’t fall in this trap.
  • If you are a long term investor, keep holding the crypto without trading.


But don’t worry we will see BTC to cross USD 3000 yet again within 3-4 month, so take this fall as an opportunity.


Some of the preferable alt coins are as follows-

Keep having an eye on them!







In the meantime, you can play game in  I personally earned good amount from this site. But play with good strategy.

Link –

Please share the article to all.



18th July 2017

Beware!! Fraud Transactions with Credit Cards


Getting disturbed by several call centers from different banks with their unwavering appeal for credit cards has somehow become a daily affair. And, this perhaps started ever since you had joined a MNC with a handsome amount of salary. Isn’t it?Still, who doesn’t want a credit card? Especially, when they are offering an end number of facilities and reward points, it’s always not so easy to ignore the dub and get tempted with the same. I was also not an exception in this regard. But, what about the fraud transactions that can happen any time and leave you complete clueless?

Let me share my story with you !
I have been using credit card since 2009 and I was very much satisfied with my SBI, CITI and AMEX credit card. I used to use SBI elite card, as they always promise to give its customers high reward point and free movie ticket . Everything was going smoothly until a fraud transaction of RS 1,40,000 happened on my SBI card on 23rd June, 2017.
The transaction happened early morning when I was in deep sleep without having the least knowledge about the same. At 9 am in the morning, I saw the messages stating every transaction and almost lost my sense. I was more than shocked; after all, the amount was huge indeed! Then, I came to know, the same thing happened with one my colleagues as well. However, the fraud transaction with him was of Rs 23,000.
My credit limit was just 1,55,000, and I had due of around Rs. 55,000; still, the fraud guy could manage to swindle around Rs1,40,000 with exceeding the credit limit.

I called the SBI credit card customer care unit right then; they said that they had already blocked the previous card and reissued a new one. They also added , they are investing on the same. The next day, I sent a mail stating the entire scenario with dispute form to .
Initially, they said, it would take around 45 days to 120 days ; I tried to contact the chargeback team a number of times, but did not get any update. I was in a restless situation and continued calling customer care minimum 5 times a day and to my utter dismay, they suggested me to pay the amount for the time being, as they would refund the money after the investigation is done. But, how could i pay such a huge amount for such transactions which i had no clue about even in my wildest dream?

I was more than depressed; After doing a lot of Internet research, I came to know that there are several other people as well who have been victimized like me in the same way.
Let me share the exact transaction with you guys


Google*Octro was the name of the merchant , I was just shocked to find that around 90% of fraud transactions have been done from SBI CREDIT CARD.
Some games were bought from Google apps using my card without OTP, as OTP is not needed while doing international transactions through SBI card. Certainly, this is one of the biggest drawbacks SBI Card has.
I has no idea whether waiting for 45 days more would really help me.
Suddenly, I thought of writing a mail to Google support team , and with their outstanding service, I got the response like this :


Then, to my complete amazement, I took the entire money back in my account just in 2 days, and after experiencing the poor security services by SBI, I immediately asked them not to renew my card yet again.

So, my ardent request to you guys, don’t fall in the trap of lucrative reward points or some free movie ticket offers offered by different banks. Know about the security services they provide in detail and then only, opt for one.

According to me, some of the best cards with proper security terms are as follows-
American Express

Adhere to the following tips to shun off fraud transactions-
1) Turn off international transaction .
2) Never share cards details to any one; not even your friend.
3) if you suspect any thing wrong , block the card immediatly.
4) For online transaction , see the traffic of the site at first , if it has less traffic then just try to avoid the platform; it might be a trap.
5) Try to avoid the lucrative offers that pop up down the screen every time you open a site. Think twice before opting for them. In a country where people happen to think a number of times even before giving a single penny to a beggar, why would anyone ever offer free services to you?

Check out the complain forum searching as (Google*Octro fraud transaction) ; you will get more than thoundand victims dealing with such fraud transactions happened on their SBI Card.
For me, even though they are investigating my case without any update in ast 15 days, I have quitted SBI CARD.




Please share this information, may be only click to share help some victimize person like me .